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Sri Yantra by Samuel FarrandSri Yantra is composed of 9 interlaced triangles forming 43 smaller triangles, as a whole the yantra represents a web which symbolizes the creation of the cosmos. The alternating triangles is an expression of the male/female spiritual energies. It is one of the oldest ancient symbols known to man going back as many as 5000 years

vajra | Tumblr on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/64200410


Got my DiPT-records  t-shirt! :3 So I had to make a shameless selfie!Amazed at the quality and color work! If you want one, check out:http://www.diptrecords.com/storeOH, and I’ll be releasing a new track on DiPT records, on the compilation:Sounds from beyond 3! And I promise, it will be insanely trippy!

.NF0 T∆P_ 

Just in case you’ve missed my little Fractal video.
(And the track is out on DiPT records.)

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Third eye activation portal

Scroll your way through a mystical spiritual journey.
- Endless scroll enabled
- Shuffle button added. (random pictures.)

| About me & this blog: |
I'm a music producer, I currently working on healing / meditation music. Which can be found here:
Link to my Facebook:

I usually post stuff that I personally resonate with, here on this Blog. I hope you enjoy! :) peace

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